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Couples Therapy

Communication Skills

Just because we talk every day doesn’t mean we know how to communicate. True and healthy communication is a learned skill. We can teach you how.

Conflict Management and Resolution

Every relationship will have conflict. Yet conflict doesn’t have to be detrimental and can even be used to draw a couple closer together. We will help you learn the skills to navigate these difficult conversations well and also identify when disagreements are cause for concern.

Intimacy and Sexual Concerns

Intimacy and sexual issues happen for a number of reasons. We provide a safe space to talk about these struggles. We will also help you identify what may be causing these difficulties and help you find a solution that involves trust and enjoyment of one another.

Recovering from an Affair

The pain and devastation caused by an affair feel insurmountable. We will help you walk through the difficult steps to repair what has been broken and discover how to not just survive in your relationship, but how to truly learn to flourish.

Building and Strengthening a Friendship

Relationships are not just about paying the bills and taking the care of the kids. We will help you find or rediscover that spark and interest in one another so that your marriage will be built on a solid foundation of friendship.

Pre-Marital Transitioning

Our pre-marital services will not only cover the traditional topics you would expect to explore, but we will also equip you with skills to prevent problems before they begin.