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Child Therapy

Behavioral Issues

Acting out and other behavioral issues commonly occur when a child doesn’t know how to adequately communicate what is happening in their inner world. We can help a child learn how to deal with their inner experience in healthier ways.

Grief and Loss

Experiencing loss at a young age can result in a child learning that the world is unsafe. It can create intense feelings of fear and sadness. We can help a child learn to process these emotions and find a better balance to how they view the world as they move forward after loss.


When a child has experienced trauma, they learn to protect themselves by keeping people at a distance or they come to believe that they themselves are not valuable or worthy of respect. We can help a child learn what safe relationships look like and how to have self-confidence

School Problems

The pressure that exists for a child to perform academically and fit in socially at school can create myriad problems. By first identifying the root of failing grades, school refusal, peer relational problems, and more, we can more effectively address school problems and find a solution.

Post-Divorce Transitions

Regardless of the circumstances that lead to separation or divorce, for a child, there is tremendous loss and change involved. By providing a safe, unbiased, and supportive environment, we can help a child navigate these changes and learn how to function well within their new environments.

Social Media and Technology

Children today will be the first to have never known a life without constant technology and screen time. These new realities come with new challenges and we can help combat the negative consequences as well as teach skills to use these tools in productive and beneficial ways.